Quality of life

Hello, I love this game, and I am impressed by the amount of work that this must’ve taken.
I don’t know how much work these would take to implement but here are a few quality of life suggestions that I think would improve overall user experience:

  1. I know this has been mentioned before, but I just want to reiterate the “global scroll” option would save users from having to move the cursor every time they want to read a different card.

  2. The ability to change chat/log/card info text size. I know card text can be changed within the card itself, but some people prefer to read effects in the separate window, and an option for bigger text would be nice.

  3. I read you were thinking about bringing back the view with more space on the left, I just want to voice that I think this is the right choice for those of us who prefer more space to read card effects.

  4. In the deck editor, I think it would be better if the reset filter button didn’t reset the card text. Some times when I am browsing through archetypes, I want to leave the archetype name on the text field and reset the filters only. This is a very very small inconvenience but I imagine it happens to others too.

Personal request:
Can we have the illegal God Cards(blue, yellow and red frame) with the anime art? I was building decks based on the show the other day and noticed you only have the illegal cards with art from the manga.

  1. Hold CTRL while moving the cursor and you can keep reading. The card won’t update. Note that no simulator including ygopro or konami sims had a solution for this we do. Alternatively, use the button at the top left of the duel field. It does the same thing and won’t update the card picture even if you hover over a new card or if the opponent summons/activates another card.

  2. You can already resize the chat box.

  3. Try to look at the way it is now. Return of the classic view will increase game size and at what cost? Players have been conditioned to use the classic view for last 15 years. The newest card game simulators don’t have 1/3 of the screen width dedicated to a text box. Rather, they want to show the field. The text box is a popup when reading is required.

  4. Reset doesn’t reset the card text. It only resets the filter.

You already have the original manga Egyptian god cards with the original effects Kazuki Takahashi intended. This is the most accurate versions of the cards you will ever find. You can reenact the exact scenarios in the manga while still obeying game mechanics.

  1. With global scrolling the process would be simplified
    -pressing and holding ctrl.
    -moving cursor to the card image.
    -scrolling. (1 step instead of 3)

I’m not saying the current solution is bad, it’s easy enough to use. I think that of all simulators Omega is objectively the best one out there and I’m happy it exists as it is right now, but I also think anyone would agree that global scrolling would be the clearly better and more intuitive UX design choice just because it simplifies the process a little more, it would just feel right, you know?

That being said, I don’t know anything about programming, so I don’t know if it would be too troublesome to program it in. It’s obviously easier said than done. :laughing:

  1. I meant the text size in the box in the card tab, not the box itself, the option would be nice.

  2. I had no idea it would increase the game size.

  3. That’s strange, it does reset the text field in my computer, I thought it was designed to do so. Any idea if I can do anything on my end to fix it?

About the God Cards Art: Fair enough, it was just personal preference because I grew up with the TV show.

P.S: Thank you for taking the time to read my suggestions. :slight_smile:

There is a reason that no simulator since the last 20 years has ever done global scrolling. If your cursor is in the middle of the field and you use the mouse wheel to scroll, then it conflict with other keybinds or operations. This is why even in ygopro or konami sims, it was required to move the cursor to the target area, and then it registers where the scroll happens.

The problem was that while moving the cursor, you would hover over new cards. That was solved by holding CTRL.

You have to understand that global scrolling isn’t a new idea. We thought of it even 1 year ago and tried to implement it. It didn’t work. It’s not that we don’t want to but it just simply won’t work. You also have to think about mobile. There is no mouse wheel on mobile. You use your finger to tap and swipe up or down to scroll. Adding a global scroll would also interfere with this since a player swiping up in the middle of the field would lead to scrolling the display pic text.

Not only this, but the scroll is only for the chat box. The card picture is not a scroll but a click to turn page. It’s completely different. That means if the chat box isn’t open, there is nothing to scroll.

If you try to increase the font size used in the chat box, then you will be back to complaining about not being able to read more text in a box which means you need to scroll more. The point is that a player should try to see as much card text in a single box without having to scroll. The ygopro font size and even duel links font size, is the same and even smaller.

Again, the original God cards with Red, blue, and yellow card templates are already in the game. These are the manga versions with the most accurate effects. Slifer is called Osiris. They use their original names which is perhaps why you couldn’t find them.

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I see, global scrolling would then imply a lot of spaghetti code to avoid the interference with other functions that are otherwise clean and simple, then I agree it’s better to leave global scrolling off for the sake of simpler code.

About the text size, I am saying it would be good to give the player the option to choose the text size that they feel comfortable with. I know this is an option for the cards, I am talking about the bottom left square. But then again, I don’t know if it’s too much trouble in code to do that. I am just talking from an user’s point of view.

I found the 3 manga art cards, I just wanted to know if it was possible to put the same cards in but with the anime art. I’m OK if they aren’t added, I just thought I would lose nothing by asking. :slightly_smiling_face: