Problem with dueling vs bots

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    I can’t skip to main phase 2 or end my phase

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    your replay code

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Thank you for making a bug report.

We would need a much more through understanding of the scenario to be able to find out what you are talking about. I played a game just now and was able to enter all of the phases I should be able to.

During the first turn of the game, the only phases available are: Draw, Standby, Main 1, and End phase. You cannot enter the Main Phase 2 during the first turn, because you cannot enter battle.

During the second and turns beyond that, in order to go to main phase 2, you must first proceed from the Main phase 1, to the Battle phase, and then transition to Main phase 2.

In YGO Omega, to change phases you must press and hold on the circle that matches the phase you wish to go to. Before leaving the phase, your opponent can activate cards if they desire, and if possible, which may stop you from changing phases, in the case of the main phases. But you can simply attempt to leave the phase again to proceed, or allow your opponent to activate effects again before leaving.

You can find out how to use YGO Omega by reading the Omega Guide found here: YGO Omega Guide