Portrait Mode for mobile?

I think it’d be pretty cool to be able to run the game in portrait mode so I don’t have to hold my phone sideways to play, just a sort of convenience thing.


Thank you for making a suggestion.

Unfortunately the difficult part of portrait mode is that you’d have to have a very wide screen like a tablet to make proper use of portrait mode. On a phone, with the field, deck, extra deck, and phases all cramped into an approx 3 - 5 inch space, you make it extremely easy to misclick buttons. This would mean that you’d end up hitting “Set” on a monster instead of “summon” and be committed to it without knowing as your finger would most likely cover both buttons at that size.

To make it playable at those dimensions would require massive reworks of the User interface, something which is more work than it’s worth. Unfortunately that is not in the future.

Thank you for your suggestions.

Could the menus and deck builder have portrait mode then switch to landscape for duels?