PopUp Message has inconsistent wording (Current Phase vs "Standby/End Phase")


I think it would be better to always show which Turn is currently in question. It’s a bit more ambiguous to say “Opponent is ending his Phase” rather than saying “Opponent is Ending his Main Phase”.

I’m not a beginner but had a long break with playing YGO, so I need to get accustomed to a lot of the notifications. I think writing the Phases into the notifications would help a lot.

The reason for this is because these are different possibilities.

The current phase is about to be changed is worded as such because the opponent is not required to state which phase they are entering, whether it’s the Battle Phase or the end phase. As such, it is worded as attempting to “end the phase”. If you do anything during that time, it remains the current phase and your opponent can remain in it.

The opponent passing the opportunity to activate cards in the end phase or standby phase means that they are checking to see if you are going to so anything before they move immediately to the main phase in the case of standby, or the next turn, in the case of the end phase, since there is not other choices than those.

It’s minor nuances but Omega communicates to you all the information you need about the state of the game. It just takes a bit of getting used to and knowledge of the game. If you need assistance with either of these, the discord is a great place to discuss game knowledge.

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Wouldnt it then be possible to word this as “end the phase (Standby Phase)”, as in to indicate which phase they are currently in? I know this is already displayed in the center of the battle field, but I think it would really be beneficial to show the context of the current dialogue in the dialogue itself. I do understand why it makes sense to omit the “coming phase”.