Please add the ability to play against one's self in the game, local

Hello! Good afternoon. Could you please add the ability to play against one’s self? As in, playing two decks while taking turns.

Me and my brother would like to play but we only have one laptop.

It’s basically a local game, where you choose two decks (1 deck for each player) and then the cards become viewable/unviewable based on who’s turn is it.

So I play my turn and then click End Phase, then there is a count down timer, like, 3 seconds. Where I move my head or turn the laptop to my brother, and then his turn comes, then he plays his turn and clicks End Phase, then repeat.

And of course, we can’t see each other’s hand cards etc when it’s our turn.

This would not work as if you have trap cards you’d have to be able to select them to activate at the appropriate time. There is no way that you could play with one player not looking at the board at any given time.

If you set Man-eater Bug, and your opponent attacks into it, you have to be able to turn around and look at the screen and select the monster you want to destroy, which would have the hand revealed.

There is no way to code these interactions.

If either of you have an Android phone, you can download YGO Omega on android and play against your brother on the computer.

Eh… this is a poor argument imo. We’re talking about hot seat between friends. Competitive integrity shouldn’t be a consideration here.

Look at Heroes of Might and Magic III as an example. I used to play this game probably hundreds of hours with friends growing up, all on the same computer. And similar to Yu-Gi-Oh, when its your friend’s turn, you’re not supposed to see what they’re doing. How many heroes they have, how they’re moving their heroes across the map, what they decided to build, etc.

The only valid reason for not being able to do what OP is asking, is a technical one. You’re not harming competitive rankings or otherwise damaging the integrity of the game for the community. You’re just allowing two friends to play how they want to play. The two players, if they really wanna turn their heads, will just communicate and the game will shift control from side to side based on the rules.

Personally, I’d use a feature like that to test decks. Its currently really annoying and difficult to test interactions in the game. To the point where I’ve actually started using a VM to boot the game up in on a different account so I can play myself.

tldr; I think this is a good feature ask. At the same time, my guess is this would be a very large tech change for a niche use case.

Again. The issue is that there is the need to be able to read card and interact with them multiple times per action.

If my opponent summons a monster, and I have Trap hole set. I need to read the monster to understand what the monster does before I decide to flip my card.

The way Omega works, it would prompt the trap card player if they wish to activate their card which would halt the game. Because that’s how Yugioh works.

You need to realized the intricacies of how yugioh works in order to do this. The summoning of the monster is Box A. Then you immediately enter a multi-box sequence after this passing “priority” back and forthe between the players as the determine which effects they CAN or WISH to activate.

Compared to your RTS example, this isn’t something you can simply set a timer for and go. Even still, your example still isn’t perfectly fair. The player who gets the first turn will have the advantage. They are the one who will have resources first, and thus, they will be the first to be able to mount an attack first. Even if you go back and forth, time will still keep on ticking. Yugioh requires both players to have perfect knowledge of the public game state and their hands, flipping back and forth multiple times a single action is taken isn’t optimal, or even enjoyable on a single machine. There is ultimately no reason for the VOLUNTEER dev team to take time out of their schedule to work on a feature that would be sub-par at best and unenjoyable at worst, and used by next to no players.

Manual is a mode that has seen very little attention and is by far more appreciated by other players. Yet it still isn’t something that the team can prioritize due to the small size.

Again, the solution is simple. Have a second device. The technical specs aren’t that high and it is supported for cross-device play. If Omega was only for PC and had high requirements, I would understand the issue. But with only one person needing a PC, and nearly any android device, or two android devices, this is a non-issue for 99.9% of the player base.

Taken it another way, if this is the issue, why not use playing cards or even actual yugioh cards and create a chart as to which card represents which. Proxying cards is a thing and can be more fun then passing a device back in forth in an awkward or repetitive manor.

We would if we could. It’s just not that easy to implement. Maybe one day using puzzle mode you could control both sides. You can also use manual mode like Dove already stated.

You can also just create two different discord accounts and duel each other. We prevented people from opening two Omegas to stop cheating in tournaments where you could easily register as two people and spectate your future matches.

Yeah this is a better answer, makes sense. Obviously its possible. The way Yu-Gi-Oh works today between client and server is not magical. But I appreciate that code is not set up to support the game loop on a single machine and doing so would be a ton of work that probably isn’t worth the time and effort.

Manual mode is not a good suggestion :p. You guys really need to just disable that mode until you can actually make it functional. Its… embarrassing just how broken that mode is and if it were my product its absolutely not a state I’d be okay with having it in. And I say that with love.

@lifeforce1 what about it is not functional exactly? It’s fine to give feedback but if you have nothing to say other than “it’s not good”, then that doesn’t really help. If you want to improve something, give details. I’ve done an entire duel on DB and on omega manual mode, it works just fine but if you don’t know how to use it - that’s different. Functionally though? It works. If it doesn’t work the way YOU want it to , that’s different.

I’ve mentioned many times across many posts exactly what is wrong with it.

Go grab one of your developers, and try and play a manual game. You say that you have, but I don’t believe you.

Since it seems to have fallen on deaf ears, and noone on your team can/will/desires to test manual mode even a little bit (I know because if you did, you would see how broken it is), I’ll go over again what is broken.

  1. As a solo player, it is impossible to run test hands. This is because your “view deck” feature requires a response from your opponent in order to view your deck. Since the AI is not coded to give a response, you are not allow to view your deck. Since you cannot view your deck, you literally cannot play.

  2. Try playing with a friend! In my case, I set up an alt account on my android phone. I made a custom match and joined with account A on PC and account B on Android and here was my experience

2a) on PC I clicked “View Deck”. On Android I granted Permission to view deck. The deck opened on my PC and I was able to view my deck, but unable to grab any cards or select any cards from the deck.

2b) I closed my deck and tried again. I clicked “view deck” and this time, nothing happened. My opponent did not get a prompt, and the deck did not open. This is probably a very simple bug, but it exists because noone has bothered to even test this. Its like the client stored a “has requested access” flag but forgot the response lol.

2c) Annoyed, I decided to just end my turn to see if my opponent could view their deck. I long pressed the “BP” button, which progressed to BP. Then I long pressed it to go to M2, then to EP, and there was no way to get it back to Draw phase. No matter how many times I held “EP”, it would not switch over. The circle would animate, and nothing would happen.

So here’s a tldr; can’t view deck, can’t interact with deck, can’t change phases. And that’s JUST the things on the surface. They were literally the very first things you do when you go to play a game. So if THAT much is broken, how bad is the rest of it that I couldn’t even get to?!

I’m being genuine when I say - its embarrassing. It does not even function a little bit. Its impossible to play a basic game of yu gi oh with yourself or a friend.

Genuine advice - you need another engineer. Kunagi cannot handle both Manual mode and the auto mode and all of the features that this game has by herself. The project is reaching critical mass and at some point, its too much. But for right now, as it is live today, you guys don’t have a manual mode.

And btw, I was the one that reported all of the / command bugs that never functioned that have since been fixed. It seems that I’m the only user that has ever touched this mode. So at this point my confidence is just shot. But its annoying to see the devs suggest that this mode exists when its not even functional

About your 1st and 2nd points, click the View button-- the button displaying a card under a magnifying glass-- whilst hovering over your Deck, then double click there to search; you can move cards from there. Once you’re done, shuffle the Deck to un-reveal its contents.
As for the 3rd point, your opponent is asked for permission before you proceed to the next Phase.