Option to turn off the field spell background, and notes or casual tag when hosting a game

I would like to have 2 things
simply the ability to turn off the field spell background. It’s nice and all that we can have our own mats that other players see but they aren’t seeable for long because of field spells.

Either notes for hosting or a flair/tag or option that you want casual duels.
I know that omega has more of a competitive focus but that should not force casual players to not play the pretty simulator(omega)
sometimes people just want to play the decks that are not competitive but they like them and die hard to meta decks.

Some players don’t want to see playmats either. It’s easy to add options for every little thing. You end up with a photoshop simulator instead of a yugioh one. The settings is already overloaded with many options.

In this case, when a field spell is activated, it should show the field spell background and not the playmat because it takes priority. This is just part of the game. It happens even in duel links.

We’ll see later if an option can be added, but this isn’t our priority.