Option to solitaire play your deck in a "playground" mode

Hello there, returning Yugioh player here. When I used to build decks, I would take them and make practice plays solitaire style to get a good feel for the flow of a deck I had conceived. As it is, with Omega, it seems that there is no option for that, aside from building the deck IRL.

From my perspective, this would mean no need to code an AI. Just test draw hands, play them out for a turn, and have an option to move to next turn or reset back to the first draw again. For those of use who don’t just grab a cookie cutter deck, and like to be fun and creative, I feel this would be an invaluable tool to help drive the rogue deck scene. Seeing the chances of grabbing a combo through the web is nice, but it just doesn’t have that interaction of discovering additional combos as you play through, as well as multi-interactive hands.


I fully agree with that idea, it’s one of the first thing i was looking for after creating my deck. It would give us the opportunity to test it out.

There is already a solo mode. You simply host a duel and add the AI_Test Bot. The AI_test doesn’t do anything. You host the duel with no shuffle which allows you to pre-arrange your starting hand. This way you can test hands.

Then if you want to try the combo again (in case you messed up), simply press ESC to surrender and then press rematch. Within 2 seconds, the duel will restart again without having to rehost. You can keep doing this to test hands and use the solo mode.

You can do the same thing above with shuffle to randomize hands as well.

Even another option is manual mode if you want even more solo mode control. In manual mode, the AI wont’ do anything. You can put your cards anywhere from anywhere.