Option to slow down the animations?

What about having a slider that would slow down the dueling animations just a little bit? The game sometimes feels like it’s been smoking crack behind my back.

Also, attack animation has a weird pause between order and execution, that could be trimmed down a bit.

Hey there,

There is already a way to slow down the game speed. There is a slider in the Settings->Gameplay->Game Speed.

Oh, thank you, my bad. I was looking under graphics and cards thinking of it as a graphical or card animation setting, not game speed. I’ll try it ASAP.

It looks like the “Game Speed” option has been replaced recently with a “Replay Speed”, which no longer affects the in-game speed of things like phase changes and animations etc.
I would like to see the “Game Speed” slider return - the current default speed is just fast enough to make me feel a bit queasy, and definitely way too quick for newer players to follow what’s going on.