Option to Disable Chain-Popup Messages by Card Type

Hand Destruction (quickspell) for example makes Exodia FTK unplayable to me. Having one copy in my hand is literally my demise because I am not able to get the chain-popup message-denial in my muscle brain.

Therefore I whould like to have a setting to disable these popoup messages.
In the best case multiple settings to disable chain popups by cardtype for further playstyle customisation.

You are welcome.

Auto sims have existed for 20 years and I can tell you that you cannot selectively mute specific cards. People have requested this for a long time e.g. maxx c in the hand. In competitive play, this does nothing but actually lead to a worse outcome (not being able to chain or activate when you want). Rather, it is better for the game to ask than the game to not ask.

It may be annoying, but that is part of you learning how to toggle your chains properly. If you don’t want to use hand destruction, you simply right click. Don’t play the entire game with ON or ALL chain. Use AUTO chain as your default and then only hold left click when you want to switch to ON. This is the Hold Chain configuration.

Sorry, but this an old request and no auto sim, official or unofficial will allow players to just turn off specific cards. Not only is this very complicated to code, but in competitive play, no one will use it because people will forget to turn it back on.

Disabling by card type is even worse because that globally would turn off all spells/traps/monsters.