One of the filter needs an adjustment

Please read this whole thing and hear me out. Whenever you go to the TCG banlist and use the filters Limited, Semi-Limited, and Unlimited, included in the results will always be the illegal cards. I mentioned this on the Discord and two of the mods told me that the reason the illegal cards are still there is because they are are not on the TCG banlist, so they are defined as “Unlimited”. But hear me out for two seconds… they are NOT Unlimited via the restrictions of the TCG Banlist, the limitation is that THEY ARE ILLEGAL FOR PLAY. There is a filter to select to see illegal cards, yet you’ll see them anyways even if you don’t select it when filtering by limitations. Yes, I understand you can filter to get rid of them by selectin TCG and WCS. But I believe that this filter should be adjusted, as no, these cards are not unlimited, you cannot play 3 copies in a TCG tournament, they have a limitation on them. If you want to see them, you can select to see only illegal cards, or only speed duel or rush duel cards. It just makes the filtering more user friendly and more accurate to how it should be. You guys have a lot of filter options, so it would just make it more user friendly to adjust this.

Another logical way of looking at it is if the TCG had an Unlimited list, skill cards and such would not be on it, so they shouldn’t be on your Unlimited list for the TCG either.

When I mentioned this on the Discord, two of the mods resorted to telling me that I don’t understand what a banlist or a whitelist is, I have no idea what a card pool is, and that they understood that I don’t have the brain compacity to comprehend the things that they do… (I’m not exaggerating, they literally said this) I’m very happy for the one mod that had my back… that they sorta just shrugged off. I hope this time, my suggestion doesn’t fall on deaf ears.

@Cameron9990 selecting a banlist has no effect on the card selection, besides the meta information applied on top, therefore your filters allow cards legal in any format.

This is again a lack of understanding between “Card Pool” and a “Banlist”.

  1. Selecting the TCG banlist, does not mean that your card pool is automatically the cards allowed in TCG. Players play with many different card pools on top of a TCG banlist. They may play with illegal cards, pre-errata cards, ocg cards, etc. The deck editor’s job is not to assume filters. The filters are chosen by the user. On ranked, the TCG will follow the TCG banlist with TCG cards allowed.

  2. If I select the TCG banlist and now I select “Unlimited” under the limitations filter and press apply. This means that any card that is NOT on the banlist is considered Unlimited. We do NOT assume that Unlimited means only the cards allowed in TCG because again, Unlimited is not a card pool. To get the card pool, you go to the card pool filter, select TCG and WCS.

  3. Omega has more filters for yugioh than any other game ever made. That creates confusion and complication because new users don’t even know what WCS means (allowed in TCG and OCG). They don’t expect to see Rush cards, Skill cards, pre-errata, anime, etc. The deck editor when you open it is unfiltered (all filters off), so that users can search for any card by typing its name or text and finding it instantly. THEN, if a user chooses to add filters, the deck editor will filter.

  4. By asking what you are asking, if someone were to select the Rush banlist and select unlimited, they would actually see no cards. That is because Rush cards are illegal. Then the Rush community would complain and ask that when they pick Rush banlist and unlimited, it should show all the Rush cards even though we have a card pool for Rush as well.

No matter what you do, a user will get confused. We have already gone through several iterations and we have played every yugioh game ever made. We are the ones who actually know how to use these filters. Most users don’t even know what what filters exist even within ygopro and MD because they never use them.

Simple games have only one banlist and one card pool, so they never need to do any of this.

But we will code this for now:

  1. If Rush banlist → Rush cards not illegal even if ot=4.
  2. If Speed Duel or DL banlist → Skill cards not illegal even if ot=4.
  3. If any other banlist → illegal is anything that is ot=4.

If doing it the above way, you won’t see illegal cards even if unlimited is picked. Note that does not mean you will not see OCG cards since OCG cards are legal. You still have to select TCG and WCS from the card pool filter to see only TCG allowed cards.

I’m sure another player will complain again. I know I would because now if players want to use illegal cards with the TCG banlist, how will they find it? The problem is users still just don’t know the separation between card pool and banlist. The only way to teach is by doing it.

They will find it by also selecting the Illegal cards filter? One of reasons I’m saying literally anything is because you all literally have a button for if I want to see illegal cards, so they should go away when I filter via banlist and don’t have Illegal selected. Plus when I scrolled though I noticed I wasn’t the only one that thought this was a bug. And it has nothing to do with card pools, they are explicitly stated to not be allowed via the TCG banlist, so being Illegal is their limitation, it sorta just… makes sense to not have them included with another filter option when they already have their own, idk.

Like the question isn’t HOW to get the result I want, I understood that after you said illegal is included with unlimited. This time I’m saying it on the suggestion board (that I didn’t realize existed at the time) because there’s just already an option, you can select Limited, semi-limited, unlimited, and illegal if you want, it’s just random to have a card limited in a completely different way included in unlimited.

Also I just realized, I’m not asking to have the cards go away just by having the banlist selected if that’s what you all are thinking I’m saying. I’m just saying that Unlimited and Illegal are two separate filters you can select, if you want both than you can click both, so why not just keep the separate, there’s no reason to have Unlimited be forced to include both.

No I understand that, it’s just the fact that Illegal is already a filter that you can select, so it really shouldn’t also be required to be included when you select unlimited. Like they’re already two separate filters, so let them be two separate filters.