Omega Challenges Revamped

Whats New?

We are moving away from 48 hour challenges and starting new Challenge week

How it will work?

  1. It will consists of,
    1 Challenge - One Extra Hard Weekly Challenge.
    5 Objectives - you can fulfill every week.


  1. 50 , 35 and 20 points for the challenge ( 1st, 2nd and all ).
  2. Every objective is worth 10 points totaling 50.

Challenge Leaderboard

Yes, Your points wont be converted to DP directly but it will decide your ranking in challenge leaderboard. But you can convert your challenge points to DP ( conversion rates will apply as Challenge points and DP isn’t same currency ) anytime, lowering your rank in leaderboard :wink:

Mega Monthly Rewards.

Rarity for the bests

  1. The No 1 Challenger will get to choose a rarity of their own choice and their points will be converted to DP
  2. The no 2 challenger will get to choose a rarity of their choice except the rarity No 1 chooses.
    This will continue till all rarity ends.

Discord Roles

After the Month ends, The first and 2nd challenges will receive special Roles for next month showing they are the best.


  1. TCG Banlist with All (TCG+OCG) card pool. No beta (pre-released) cards.
  2. Maximum 2 submissions for challenge and 1 for objectives.
  3. Standard Duel rules, 8000 lp , 5 card in hand etc. (Unless otherwise stated)
  4. Coaching your opponent is allowed. (Unless otherwise stated).
  5. Pre-arranging the starting hand and deck is allowed. (Unless otherwise stated)


Will be mentioned in challenge.

The top 3 solutions will get Bonus points (based on which solutions took less number of moves).
(A move counts as any card activation, change in position, change in location, set/summon/flip, etc.)

Note: Even though Infinite Loops are allowed, it means this results in MORE # of moves.

first challenge will be 2020-10-01T00:00:00Z

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