Mute/Perma Mute appeal and Repot for harassments in Voice chat

  1. Do you know why you were banned? If so, state the reason.

I was muted like multiple others in the voice chat for simply disagreeing with something in regards to the game of Yu-Gi-Oh which Duelists Unite simulates. I did not call anyone names, i didn’t cuss or raise my voice. In fact the exact opposite was done to me by a chat mod/helper (sorry your roles/titles are odd in comparison to previous YGOpro like programs)

furthermore said moderator blocked after i told them via voice chat that they could simply just talk to me about it instead of DMing me behind everyones back, it would be quicker and easier. I even suggested a private voice chat, in which the mod in question exploded on me. Perma muted me according to another user and then blocked me.

I have talked with the owner antimetaman who told me he didn’t have time and directed me here, although he did text me for about five minutes so that action confused me.

I contacted 3 other mods who all told me to contact antimetaman saying it was his job to resolve such issues, which i can now assume means to direct people here so they can be ignored (because as i read the appeals i have yet to see if one has ever been resolved)…Hopefully i am wrong.

Truely…It would be the devpro/ygosalvation/tdoane mod system all over again…
I kinda wish the only sim was just all in Chinese again…

  1. Do you admit to what you did or do you disagree with the mod?

Yes of course i admit what i did, i disagreed with people about an aspect of a game and to flame and harass me by calling me names or talking behind my back after you have used you perms to mute me does not make what you did right. The fake power given to you by being simply a discord mod does not mean you as a mod have any real power over anyone, thus you shouldn’t make an example of treating people like ■■■■ simple because they do not agree with everything you say over a game no less.
It is depressing knowing that another YGOPRO like app/game is still allowing childish people to take part in modding the chat. Understandably their job is overall meaningless since they don’t have any actual talent but jeez. If you are going to have chat mods make sure they are not immature.

Common people its been over a decade since you all started making one ygopro like thing after another and no one has learned this lesson since 2008?

  1. Why do you think you should get another chance?

I think i should at least be able to speak my part LOL. Clearly that is not so as of yet.

I am unaware if i am allowed to post pictures of DM’s etc or get others to appeal for me because i do not know if revealing the perpetrator(s) is within regulations here. It is normally not for other “gaming” forums. My discord tag is Shin#0404 i am open for any moderators that can assist me to DM me, i have screenshots of dialog, i am also very open to voice chatting. I’d rather speak face to face, or in this instance voice to voice. I am not an actual child so you don’t have to fear a “squeeky voice.”

Thank you for your appeal. We shall discuss this and get back to you.

You can indeed posts screenshots of the conversations if need be to present your case.

Shin was very toxic and mainly just said bad things about p who didn’t play right then he would also say toxic things to ppl randomly after

me and anipun1 I will have to post each part of media separately because the forums here do not let me post more than 1 piece of media at a time.
EDIT: i can now do so.
me and anipun2

Here is the context asked for by another mod “Aire” below

aire asking for context

Mind you the only person commenting here other than me and antimetaman is the user that goes by “yami…etc” already has a bias, and actively avoids conversation with me anyway so how would they even know unless hearing it from the mouth of another person with the exact same bias.

You did over a number of occasions speak to people in a provocative and on occasion; insulting, mocking and condescending tones to other people in the chat. You may have thought I wasn’t listening as I was not speaking in the chat, but though I wasn’t saying anything I was still there listening to the conversation. I did also occasionally step in to re-iterate what you said to dispel your deliberate attempts to mock and wind up people in the voice chat. You may say you were not “insulting” people directly, but I hate to brake it to you, but calling people a hypocrite and deliberately talking to people in a condescending tone is directly insulting people. You can not complain that people got upset with you in response and on a number of occasions they expressed their irritation with what you were saying and left the VC. Which you seem to have completely ignored.
The messages you showed of what I posted to you show that I asked you to tone down the way you spoke to people, which considering the way you had been speaking to other people on the VC, was a perfectly legitimate thing to ask.
However, when you were requested to tone this down, you then decided to take this as personnel offence and then began to slander me by saying that I was abusing power among other things, which is also grounds for a muting.
The warnings are given in a DM as this is a written warning which can later be seen when necessary. Trying to goad me into arguing with you in the VC is not a legitimate response to a warning.
You showed no interest in why you were warned, but continued to get more out of hand in the VC. So, in the end the mute was sustained.
You were only muted in the VC though, you still have access to the text based versions of the forums.
Your appeal that you have made has also not shown you to be of good character as you have continued to insult other members of staff and have even proven that this is not the first and probably wont be the last time you have been moderated for similar behaviour.
After you were muted, you claim I started making fun / insulting you. In fact it was other people in the VC who said some things, and I myself literally old told the reason you were muted and then told the others to stop when they started insulting you and told them to forget about what happened and leave the subject.

Literally your whole point is my tone which is entirely opinion based. You can’t listen to me if you mute me so you don’t have to listen to me and then block my DMs after i try to call you in private. You have already done this to people multiple times in the past who simply don’t agree with you over a video game.

I’d like to see how you would act if i was a chat moderator and you where unable to mute me and actually had to listen to me. You having a perm that allows you to mute the audio from a user for all users does not make your opinion more correct than mine or anyone else’s. Not to mention you actively avoided a private audio session with me before you muted me, actions over words Mr. Anipun and your actions are saying you had no intention of a open or fair conversation.

Have no fear though i’ve read many appeals on this board and have yet to see one be stated as revoked so i will probably be forever muted.

Upon review of both sides, the summary is that Shin was deemed a bit confrontational and condescending to multiple individuals in a VC. The rules of VC also follow the rules of the discord server which state to be respectful of all other people. It is ok to make fun of a strategy or a deck. It is not ok to attack other people because of their inability to play game or like thereof. The evidence of this are witnesses in the VC who agree that this was the case. Thus, there is a preponderance of evidence even though VC has no screenshots, testimonial evidence does count.

The moderator did try to warn Shin to tone down politely and we have a record of this conversation via screenshot posted above. Shin did not comply with this but instead, argued with the moderator stating “I am always attacked simply for being good at the game.” This is not a justification of being disrespectful to others no matter how good at the game someone is. Shin also tried to VC with the moderator in question but this is not the proper protocol. The proper protocol is requesting an appeal which he did. At no point during the conversation, did the moderator become impolite or disrespectful.

The moderator muted Shin from VC. The duration of this mute is unclear as it still stands right now.

In conclusion, I believe that the person in question was warned and was muted for being condescending to people in the VC. This mute will last 24 hours and after which, it can be re-applied if the event occurs again or even upgraded to a longer duration mute or a chat mute of the entire server.

That’s all.

As expected. I will not appeal again and will discourage future players from doing so. I never made fun of anyone or called anyone names as you literally texted above, and in fact that was done to me (this was the very first sentence in my appeal, but either that was forgotten or disregarded.)

I have been called various names by the people in VC and anipun, but honestly if the FIRST SENTENCE in my appeal is going to be looked over what is the point of appealling in the first place. Clearly its pointless and never works, i mean it never has on any ygopro in over a decade so i don’t know why i expected otherwise originally.

Furthermore, Antimetaman… me leaving the voice chat after i am muted and blocked from communicating is a obvious choice for anyone and holds literally zero weight in your argument. Why would anyone stay when there is no point because i’m simply not ALLOWED to communicate. -Sigh- I’m not going to lecture you because based on your constant attempts to lecture me like i am some random child shows that you have a condescending outlook of others on the forums and discord probably means you’d rather ban me than actually consider my points.

I will ask other staff to join VC if i am attacked again or anipun acts this way towards me again to prove otherwise, but then again you yourself said your staff does not do voice calls so you prefer to leave everything up to hearsay or text. Very weak system, very lazy system, i know the effort it takes to create code so please don’t try to lecture me on that either as an excuse that none of your CHAT mods have time. In fact please don’t bother trying to lecture me assuming i have no idea what you are talking about in general. You never know who you are talking to on the web or their experiences.

Pointless appeal. At least now i and others know. Goodbye.

The purpose of an appeal process is to review all the information. Just because an appeal didn’t go your away doesn’t make it pointless. That’s not how law works or even in the real world, people wouldn’t try. If you did your research on all the other previous appeals on this forum, you would know that it has already worked before. Every case is different. The preponderance of evidence was against you in this case. The mute was warranted. The staff’s job is to enforce the rules of the server. They do need any permission to join a VC. If you want to control the VC, you can VC with your own friends privately outside of the server.

I’ve read many appeals before even posting here antimetaman, i’m pretty confident i even mentioned it(another part of my post ignored). If you want further examples of how you have a weak argument or simply didn’t want to put any effort into this look at the part of your comment in which you said the duration of the mute is unclear followed directly by a statement of it being for 24 hours. So what is it?

Clearly you are winging you responses or smokescreening. Whatever, i’ve already stated i’ve given up on this “appeal system.” Hopefully you come away from this with something, maybe find the bigger issue.

All I’ve come away is that you didn’t read previous appeals or you still believe you did something correctly. There is no “weak argument”. I’m not sure you understand how appeals work. There is a preponderance of evidence against you. There are screenshots of the conversation. Nothing is unclear. I even told you the duration.

In any case, I don’t believe you understand what you did was actually incorrect. Failure to adhere to the policies and rules, means we need to extend the duration of this mute to 1 week.

antimetaman unclear

Here is your statement that literally includes the word unclear. “The duration of this mute is unclear…” Followed by an actual duration.

If you feel you need to extend the mute because you feel some kind of way so be it, prove me right.

Whatever honestly, it doesn’t mean anything in the long run other that satisfying the emotions of those with negative bias towards me in the first place. I’m not writing this for no reason, my responses have all been thoughtful and orderly.

Yes, that quote is correct, because I did not know what the duration of the mute which Ani did was. Hence, I put an actual number on the duration. It being unclear was because that duration as undefined. Now it is defined. It does not change anything about the the case at hand why you were muted.

If you still don’t understand or agree with the rules of the server, you are free to leave.

Its 8 days now and both of you have your DMs closed still. Have a good weekend lol.

You were already unmuted I believe.

I was for a short period of time, but i recently just logged in today the 6th of august and i am deafened again.

I have had said nothing in the voice chat since my original muting, so the re-muting is uh…sus.

Oh? That’s strange. You shouldn’t be. Perhaps you clicked your own deafen button by accident?

Uh no obviously not, especially because the server gives you the notification “you have been suppressed.” Either way the audit logs of the server have the answer which you could access.

Clearly I am not blind, there is no discord for blind people…yet.

You’d be surprised as one of the developers for ygopro is blind and uses discord. They can use text to speech software. I checked the audit log and it shows nothing. Join the voice chat and see yourself if you are deafen.