Missing Edison Format Errata

According to this: Edison Format Relevant Errata
These cards are currently missing their correct errata for Edison Format:
-Armory Arm
-Black Garden
-Cyber Phoenix
-D.D. Survivor
-Elemental Hero Prisma
-Jade Knight
-My Body as a Sheild
-Quickdraw Synchron
-Soul Exchange
-Strike Ninja
-Swap Frog
-Treeborn Frog

We’ll try to script these too. You have to understand that a card can have several different errata. Each errata requires a different script. Currently, the game has the oldest version of a card and the current version. Now, we have to worry about the stuff in the middle.

I’m not going to have 10 different versions of the same card. However, given that I added the Edison banlist into the game, we will add those erratas as well. To distinguish between which errata is which, we’ll add the year in parentheses as part of the card name.