Match replay recording feedback

First off, I love that you guys finally added this! No longer will I lose my games 1 and 2 in matches just because I didn’t individually save them.

I know the change that was made was just a very simple one with not a lot of thought into it, and that’s fine it was meant to just solve an immediate problem with a quick solution. But I think it could be just a little smarter about how match replays are handled.

UX issues:

  • Extreme clutter. As you play, your replay log will quickly fill up to contain potentially hundreds or thousands of replays.

– Omega does not remember your current scroll position when returning from a replay. Combined with the default naming scheme (which is a fine default btw), it makes it difficult to scroll back to where you were when you’re looking for a specific replay.

– Difficult for the player to prune replays. Currently, you have to select replays 1 by 1 to delete. Its 2 clicks per replay. That’s 6 clicks per match usually. Coupled with the issue of above where you need scroll down to where you were each time you view a replay (to see if you want to delete it), its quite the task.

– Newest replays are at the bottom of the list because of how the list is sorted. This means if you have a bunch of replays, you have to scroll to your most relevant ones each time. And multiple times if you decide to watch one.

Potential Solutions to UX issues:

  • At a minimum, I’d probably flag replays saved with the default name (date) as isGenerated or something like that, and then treat those separately from explicitly saved replays. This would allow you to create a rotating buffer with some maximum number of generated replays (something like 24 is probably a good number since on most screens that should fit in a page). Then you could expose that setting to the player and they could change it if they want.

I think because Omega doesn’t have a history of UX notifications to inform the player of how systems work, I think its fine for the setting to be a checkbox that’s off by default. Something like “Limit auto saved replays” and when checked, the number in the edit box will be honored. This way current users don’t have the rug swept out from under them. Up to you if you care about that or not.

  • When a replay is selected, cache the current scroll value somewhere it can be retrieved when the player comes back.

  • Add the ability to multi-select replays and delete selected. just supporting shift or ctrl hotkeys should be enough. Then the trash icon just deletes the selected ones.