Manual Draw like in Master Duel

I believe an option to manually draw during the draw phase only, like how it is shown in Master Duel, would be a nice feature to have for 2 reasons:

1.) it’s very satisfying pulling a card right out of your deck with your mouse to start your turn and

2.) you don’t have to worry about it causing longer afk as it’ll eventually just draw for you anyway after 10 seconds.

Properties of the manual draw are:

  • follows your mouse so the card can be drawn in any way
  • after 10 seconds, omega will just draw for you anyway
  • by default, the draw is set to the draw we currently have

Thank you for listening,

That just makes the gameplay slower. All these little things like manual draw and animations is what causes Master Duel to be slower. You may think it is satisfying to wait in suspense to click and draw. Let’s say we added this option and you went to settings to check a box that says “Click to Draw”. After a few games, you would disable this because it’s faster and easier to simply draw automatically.