Make Chat detachable into its own window

Gernal Problem: The user (me) wants an option to read the ingame chat, at same time as reading card text, without having to switch between windows.

Solution: make it possible to “detach” the chat into its Own window
Implementation: here are many solutions possible, 2 comming to my mind at first.
1. in properties provide an option “detach chat” that can be activated. if done, the chat will be open in an additional window
2. more stylish solution: user can drag and drop the chat or card text or log into each thier own window. and freely move them where it would fit best

Additional UI changes that should/could be done at the same time:

  1. move buttons on the top right corner somewhere else.
    1.1 why are they even buttons direclty on field for “instant” use?
    1.1 those buttons dont feel like the general user will change them every 5 minutes. so it is not important to have instant access to those.
  2. suggestion would be to move them either into a “settings” area,
  3. or as seen in my screenshot


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This is primarily because you’re used to reading the cards in a text box on the left side. This was the classic old way of doing things. Now you can read the text on the card itself by middle clicking on the card. If you want the entire text to be shown on the card without scrolling, enable textbox on zoom.

It’s easy toggle between chat and card info tabs. Press “Enter” when you want to send a message or chat, this will automatically put the cursor inside the input field so you can type right away and send a message. Once you press enter, the message will send and the cursor will no longer be in the input field. At this time, you can press “W” for words to switch back to card info tab. If you want to go log, press “Q” for quill (pen) to go there. We made the keybinds so you don’t have to move far away from the standard WSAD.

do you mean this?

i dont see that as a good thing.

the hotkey’s are indeed good. i have to give credit here.

still i think a good way to read card text and chat at the same time would be prefered. at least from me.

but i also can understand, that this would be no easy to implement feature, and likely low on priority.

thx for the response anyway!

I do agree that it would be a good thing to have the chat available as a seperate window. Thats not only because of the card effects (I use the zoomed view all the time, its actually great!), but I also like having the duel history visible at all times, especially when cards get sent to the hand and I need to check the effect since it disappears so quickly.

Chatting is never needed to duel on an automatic simulator so if you need the log visible at all times, show the log. I’ve been playing for 20+ years and I don’t look at the log unless I need to. Writing any information down in real life if it’s not mandatory effects is not even allowed. Hence, players should be able to know what’s going on during the game state at all times.