Longer Timer for Non-Turn Player in Ranked

The current timer for the non-turn player in Ranked Games is too short. My reasoning for this is that even if you are not the turn player, you still need to think about your responses and next move(s), and the current timer is just too short for that. Reading your opponent’s cards alone already takes around 30 secs or even more, let alone checking your and your opponent’s zones. I think adding an additional minute or two is enough.

I would like to second this. it is really difficult to enjoy the game when you have to play blind in your opponent´s turn because you get no chance at all to properly read those 20+ new cards that people tend to summon when they playing something new. imo the best way to fix this would be to increase the timer adding for actions taken from 2 seconds to like 5-10 seconds. That way the timer can stay low and prevent stalling but you also get a chance to play properly.