Just a Normal Suggestion/ Hoping some QoL change

Here is some Suggestion and Quality of Life Changes that I hope these features and changes can be seen in the future.

  1. Test Hand
    I think we all need this ASAP and I hope this do not include in online mode. Just put it in Deck Manager and it will be fine (like EDOPro). If opponent had some cards to respond or targeted will be better, since some cards require something on opponent field to trigger its effect. (Make a button to spawn some dummy card on opponent decks, field, hand, graveyard and banished zone!!!)~

  2. Punctuation for Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese
    I hope both Simplified and Traditional Chinese shared the same punctuations, especially the middle dot. Simplified Chinese appears correctly but Traditional Chinese doesn’t(it showed small square box instead). And previously I have posted in discord as well in tech support.

  3. Deck Manager
    I have 7 pages of deck(not so many) and when I reach 7/7, after I clicked the Next arrow (or right arrow), it should go back to 1/7. I hope it is a loop and not just stopped at 7/7.

  4. Clicking
    I hope there is an option in the setting where we can either do double clicking or single clicking. It feels so weird to have double clicking in game (maybe only me).

  5. User Manual, Changelog, Patch Notes or Tutorial Video
    Hoping in the future you guys can make some of this so that dumbass like me will know how to use this sim and also let us know about all the changes that have been implemented in YGO Omega.

I know you guys are busy dealing with the YGO Omega stuff and I really appreciate that you guys make this YGO Omega for YGO Community to have fun with it. Thank you for your efforts on making this game and your precious time to read this essay.

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  1. Test hands has existed for the last 8 years in all ygopro simulators. Edopro was just the first one to add a button for those that didn’t know how to access it from the deck editor.

Test hands is simply an AI duel where you can press the restart button as many times to shuffle your starting hand and then play out the combo. You can do this already in YGO Omega. You host a duel and add AI_Test. The AI_test won’t do anything. Then you will draw your starting hand. If you want to restart, just press ESC to surrender-> rematch. In 2 seconds, the duel will start again without rehosting with a new starting hand.

You can alternatively even host a duel with no shuffle and then you can pre-arrange your starting hand.

You even have manual mode now which allows you to give cards to your opponent’s field. You can move any card from anywhere to anywhere. The manual mode is good because you can take back moves if you mess up. You can even use cards that are not yet scripted on the day those cards get announced.

Additionally, if you want cards on the opponent’s field as targets for your combo, you can try other AI other than AI_Test.

  1. You can speak to one of the Traditional Chinese translators. If there is a square appearing, then it means a character or glyph is missing from the CJK font. You can report this to the language chats too and the guy named Babend should respond.

  2. Maybe this happened in older version. Try it again and it shouldn’t happen.

  3. The whole point is that the game is ready for mobile. On mobile, you can single tap or double tap. In the deck editor, you can single or double tap. You can right click to add a card from trunk to deck.

  4. I will be working on a tutorial video soon. Patch notes are already in every update on discord. User guide is already on this site.