Japanese Card Pics 遊戯王高画質日本語カード

no, Marincess Argaunaut & ( Marincess Springir ?) are not missing in the full pack

go download again and check

Oh true. Sorry :slight_smile:

After the recent update, one of Dark Magician Girl’s artworks disappeared (the one with the green hearts background, which was located before the yellow one). The newest artwork was moved 1 space up.

yes, it was deleted, because that card can not be used in duel

Hi, I would like to report that 33407125, 49568943, 75952542, and 92107604 are missing their Field Images.

Any news about the POTE ? Booster Pack Cards ?. The booster is release today in OCG.


Report that the “Magistus Vritra(327051)” card name was incorrect.

(The cause may be a font)
Translated by google

Any news about the cards for dimensions force tcg: libromancer stuff and the new navy synchro card HD?


japanese don have this word… i did it on purpose

Hi, I would like to report that Dice Dungeon (11808215) is missing its Field Spell image in the “field” folder.