Japanese Card Pics 遊戯王高画質日本語カード


遊戯王 第11期仕様 高画質 日本語画像 全 13383 枚 (AC04) まで収録 !
Yu-Gi-Oh series 11 HQ Japanese image 13383 cards (AC04) updated !
游戏王 第11期 遊戯王高清日語卡图 全 13383 枚 更新至 (AC04) 卡包 !

My Card Post Link 后备贴

新規サンプル / New Cards Samples / 新更新图片样本

更新パッチ / Update Patch / 卡包更新 MEGA Download

全カードダウンロード / Full card images Download / 全卡图下载包 : 05/02/2024

  • 1024x 640 (177x254) Small Size ( YGO MOBIL / ADS )
  • 1920x1080 (322x470) Medium Size (YGOPRO) Recommended
  • 1920x1080 (484x700) Large Size ( Best fit for YGOPRO2 )
  • 1920x1080 (544x544) Field Image / フィールド魔法 ( YGO/ADS )

ダウンロードリンク / Download Link / 下载链接
MEGA Download / MEGA下载
BAIDU Download / 百度云下载 提取码:2kvk

カードサンプル / 图片样本 / Samples :
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Credits :

KeYongYu: Special thanks to KeYongYu (Original creator of DataEditorX and his program)
AntiMetaman: Original creator of MSE2 Template for the project.
Fallenstartdust 暗星: high resolution Images Provider.


you did a great job!

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Are you going to update this to PHRA?

yes, preparing for the HQ image at the moment, be patient

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Ok thanks.

PHRA updating

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Thank you for making the Japanese card

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Thank you for the update

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Thank you for updating.
I’m looking forward to the next update.

The image of 7 cards has been replaced with the image of Rush Duel, but can you also leave the OCG image?

I overwrote it without knowing that it was replaced.

Are there gonna be Anime Cards? or at least ones that only appeared in the show and that don’t have TCG counterparts?

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No there will be no Anime card in this project

These are seven.
Can you leave it as a separate frame?

no :sweat_smile:

I’m sorry to say that.

Hello do you have the Genesis Impactors and 2020 mega tins (TCG) thanks


excuse me which of the two you referring?

The answer is no, i do not have any Genesis Impactors and 2020 mega tins (TCG) Images

you have come to the wrong place looking for TCG art