Japanese Card Pics 遊戯王高画質日本語カード

Anomalocaris’ isn’t a censor though. It’s a genuinely different color palette.

I only use OCG artworks as base

Okay. Also, I have the most recent version of WinRar (6.0.0) yet Mega still tells me I can’t download. I can download SD40 and Field just fine but with the others it says I can’t because they violate ToS or something like that. And when I use the individual links, it flat out says the files aren’t available.

you are ritght , the files had been baned by MEGA
i will reupload again Please use BAIDU download

Hello! The mega link download does still not work :frowning:

im reuploading the files now
please use BAIDU download 1st

The mega files are working now!
Thank you very much :slight_smile:

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Myutant Evolution Lab (34572613) is missing an image in the “field” folder.

there you go

Hy Magician_Arron finally I found your cards in HD, and thx to AntiMetaman, so I have question I wanna replace my old low Quality cards in Edo Pro project ignis with yours cards that are in HD, but not sure what link I need to download (322x470) Medium Size or (177x254) Small Size I think that these small is almost as low quality beacause I play on full Hd resolution

get the 484X700 or (322x470) Medium Size

Ok thx and one more question does you have cards with english text or are all on japanese…

TCG only name in english Text all in Japanese

Thank you for updating your card.

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do you have LIOV cards? thanks


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Question: Is there any plan for Rush Duel HQ images in the future? An official database just got announced.

hello, mega links are down

Very beautiful artwork! I love them.