Japanese Card Pics 遊戯王高画質日本語カード

thx for reporting will upload the fix patch in next update

Hello, I have two suggestions:

  • How about rush duel card artworks to regular cards (rush duel to ocg/tcg)

  • I noticed that the images of some old cards have been replaced by their counterpart in rush duel, I wish there is a folder containing the images of the old cards that were replaced, since Some of them are better than in rd for me

Oooof no image yet from Cyberstorm Access XD

do really old cards I.E pot of greed have series 1 and 2 card layouts?

would you like to share the version of MSE you use? I only find low quality versions :frowning:

could upload the complete cards on MEGA. the link is down


Hi, I would like to report that Trap of the Jirai Gumo is depicted as a Continuous Spell when it should be a Continuous Trap. Also, Labyrinth Wall Shadow is missing its image in the field folder and Xyz Align is missing an image out of the Photon Hypernova TCG cards.

thx for reporting


Ok, I figured out the error with Xyz Align. It’s named “60623203” in the folder (also featured on the actual image) when its actual passcode is “60622305”.

60623203 is the correct code

contact your YGO dev