It'd be interesting to see a Custom Game option that "frees" Pendulum Summoning from the Extra Deck from needing Links

I’ve played on Omega for about a year now, and I’ve loved it, but there’s just one small thing I’d love.

Being able to revert Pendulum Summoning back to pre-MR4 rules, while still allowing Link monsters to function.

Basically, I want a choice to allow Pendulums to be ‘unbound’ from Links when summoning from the extra deck.

It’s a relatively simple idea, but one I think would allow for fun custom games where you can go back to using things like Odd-Eyes or Metalfoes, while still allowing for Link support.

You should be able to do this by setting the Master Rule to MR3, and then using the extra rules “Zone Limitations” of “Show Split pendulum zones” to enable or disable the usage of the main spell / trap zones to pendulum zones, and “Show extra Monster Zones” to enable to Link style of MR5 play.

I attempted your suggestion. I didn’t enable split zones (because I like Vaylantz), but I did enable Show EMZ, but when I tried placing a pendulum monster in my pend zone, I am both prevented from playing in my right zone, and when I attempt to place in the left, I’m stuck in an infinite loop of attempting to place in the left. When I do enable Split Zones, once again I am forced to only special summon 1 from the extra deck, and only in the EMZ or a Link Zone.