Is there source code available?

It’d be really cool to have custom games and allow people to make their own cards and stuff, I’ve been thinking for a while that instead of waiting for konami to release cards, why don’t people just make their own change the rules? AKA people can play offline against the comptuer or their own friends for casual games fun.

I’ve always had issues with many cards bad designs that are effectively useless so why not do that instead? It’d be cool to see what cards people would create on their own.

There’s been a long tradition of modding on the PC going back to quake in the 90’s which you all can check out here:

Anywho just thought I’d add my 2 cents.

You can already create your own custom cards and you can already duel with custom rules. There’s more options in Omega than any other ygo simulator in the world. If there are rules that you have beyond even the mechanics of yugioh, then use manual mode where you can do just about anything you want.

You may want to put a link to these things and a a little “banner” on the menu inside the game that modding is available just so everything is up front and people can just discover it right off the main menu.

Ygopro existed for the last 10 years and we didn’t even have these guides or banners. People figured out how to make custom cards on their own. The more things we put in our UI, the more confusing and overcrowded it becomes. Custom cards are meant for advanced users who should already have been making custom cards in ygopro. New users need to read on discord.

Hey AntiMetaman anyway I can contact you?. Do you still have discord or anything like that?

Yes I’m on discord always and my DMs are open. AntiMetaman#9128. Our server is