Is there a chance Edison format could become a Ranked and/or Casual gamemode?

It’s so popular as a format. It should be a playable mode.

It is a playable mode. You can host an edison room with the preset in the host tab. Once hosted you can view rooms with the Edison preset in the main lobby.


You can see both an edison and Goat room shown here, both in progress. However, there are generally only a handful of games in these “popular” formats running at any given time compared to the Tens to hundreds of TCG and OCG format rooms.

The issue with queues is that they need MANY players in order for match making to be successful. If you are 3 players in a queue, only 2 of them will get matched. The 3rd will get left out and during the time the other two are playing, that 3rd player will leave and no longer be in the queue.

When the 2 players are done, chances are the loser will go back to their deck editor or take a break, while the winner will enter the queue again. This means that the queue will then have 1 player in it, the winner. After a while of not being matched, they will leave and go do something else, or play a different format. Leaving the queue with 0 members.

After the loser messes with their deck editing, will come back to the queue and sit in the queue for a while as 1 member, eventually not getting matched with anyone, and then leave.

Anyone else that enters the queue at this point then becomes the 1 and the cycle continues.

In summary, a “popular” format isn’t popular enough to actually be supported by a queue. The preset is the best case to actually setup a room and then contact on the Discord to find a player to play with, or wait for someone to join your room.

I can guarantee there are more than just 3 players playing Edison on Omega. For example, you can go on EDOpro and see quite a few “edison” lobbies. And plus, the queue system shouldn’t fail with a lower player count; it’s not just 5 players