Is it possible to add a [Cards related to:] feature similar to the YGO Legacy of the Duelist to the Deck Manager?

I feel this could be a cool feature for new duelist as myself to have a quick and easy way to see what cards can support the card I’m highlighting. The [Cards related to:] feature would find the all the cards that would fit the highlighted card description; telling you why and how it’s related — it being a lvl 3 monster card, a chain support due to it’s effect, the monster’s element/monster type and/or archetype, etc.

Here’s a screenshot on how it looks on Legacy of the Duelist:


Thanks for reading!

@SinDevilTrigger guess what. It’s already there, try to drag a card in the search box :upside_down_face:

It already exists in Omega. You have the ability to drag a card into the search box and find all related cards. In general, most cards are related through words in the text or archetypes. Then you also have the genre filter.

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