Increasing the size of the Extra Deck for certain rulesets

What I mean by the above is simply as it states, allow people to throw however many cards they want (or atleast double the 15) into the extra deck, and only allow that deck to be used in manual duels and the like. The reasoning for this?
Custom cards get a bad rap for being almost always obscenely overpowered, but in reality a GOOD custom card system would be a huge draw if there was more… freedom. Allowing those decks more freedom to put more into the extra deck, (For example there is a custom deck I made that I had to actually cut things out of because no space) wouldn’t really affect much. And from a programming standpoint, (Especially with how Pends work) wouldn’t be too difficult to add.

The extra deck starting size is something that is governed by the rules of the game. If you are playing Yugioh, you abide by the rules of the game.

There is a boundary on what is reasonable to do and what isn’t worth the time. Expanding the starting count for the extra deck is a problem which isn’t worth the time as there is no format, past or present, which requires this. This would simply be breaking the rules for the sake of breaking the rules.

People debate about expanding the extra deck all the time. The bottom like is that the limit is 15. Whether you want to see that as Konami forcing you to make tough decisions as to what to put into it, preventing the extra deck from being a limitless tool box, or a gross oversight on Konami, that’s up to you.