I hope that the material of XYZ monster can be marked more clearly

I hope that when the XYZ monster material needs to be selected to activate the effect, the material of the XYZ monster in the selection box can be marked more clearly.
For example, in the situation in the picture, when choosing a sacrifice monster for ritual summoning, it is impossible to distinguish which one is the material of the XYZ monster and which one is the monster on the field.
It will be much more convenient if you can add a special mark or a border of a different color to the card used as the material of the XYZ monster.

In these cases, you can also just click on the xyz monster and view materials and then click on the monster. The selection window you see there is a combined window showing all available options. In order for us to code some kind of icon like xyz material, we need that information from the core. This is tricky but maybe @Kunogi can look into it.

It is difficult to operate on the mobile phone, and it will directly select the XYZ monster as the effect object

A mobile phone of course is more difficult since the screen is smaller and there is less surface area. The game is already optimized as much as it can for mobile but it will always be better played on a tablet or pc.