Holograms having Glowing Outlines Based on Attribute

I’m playing Rush Duel on Switch and just felt that this visual is both cool and useful.
When a monster is face up on the field, they have a coloured outline based on their attribute.

Here are the examples:

  • Image

  • Video (not the best quality, but I wanted something short in duration to use as an example)

IMO, colours should be:

  • Dark: purple
  • Light: either yellow or white, though I fear white would clash with other glows on the gameplay UI
  • Earth: brown, but clearly so, as in the video I use as a reference, earth seems almost yellow
  • Wind: green
  • Water: blue
  • Fire: red
  • Divine: golden? Question mark as I’m not sure in gaming visual effects that would look any different from yellow, so perhaps the implementation of divine could be different, having the glow breath or waving clock-wise in a brighter, almost white yellow?

I wish I could say something more specific on the implementation aspect as AntiMetaman asked on the pinned post, but I sadly can’t.


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