Hold and Toggle Chain at the same time

There is the option to choose between holding a button or toggling a button to chain always, chain never, and chain legal.
It would be a lot better if both were available. Like you can click the icons to toggle between the chains and you can hold a key to temporarily go whatever it is keybound to and then when you let go it goes back to what was previously toggled or to default if nothing was toggled.
For example: I click “never chain” icon at the strart of my turn. This is now toggled. Right before I end turn I hold “a” which is keybound to “always chain”. Activate whatever I wanted to activate in the EP and then let the key go and it goes back to “never chain” since that was the last toggled.

A good way to do this, I think, is as follows:
In the settings screen add an option on what the “chain” icons do on the side of the screen(toggle or hold)
And in the keybinds add 2 versions of all the chain buttons. So you have “Chain Always Toggle”, “Chain Always Hold”, “Chain Legal Toggle”, etc.

You already have both available. Go to settings and enable Hold Chain. Holding chain means while you are holding a key, it will toggle to that chain setting. Upon letting go of the key, it will snap back to what it was before.

That was the old system that we had in all ygopro sims. The issue with that system becomes clear later in competitive duels when you can’t just keep holding the key.

In any case, what you want is already there. Just use it.

I did say you can choose between the two. So I know there is the option to choose between toggle and hold. That is not what I am suggesting.
What I am saying I want the option to toggle and hold at the same time. Like I can click the icons to toggle AND hold a key to temporarily change at the same time. Without going into the settings.
The “old sims” have this system. There you can click “always chain” button to toggle AND you can hold “a” to always chain as long as you hold the button.

The system I am suggesting would be better for competitive than the current system, because it is the old system but just with more options.

I can’t use it as it is not in Omega.

I’ve used both systems. The thing you need to understand about omega is how keybinds work. You want to have both toggle and hold. It simply doesn’t work that way. The key that is assigned to each of the chain buttons, means that when you press that key, it will have a certain action (toggle or hold).

You can’t change any keybinds in any ygopro sim. They are locked. That is why they have that system.

What you really want is the ability to click on the chain button using a mouse for toggle OR hold a key. This is basically what hold chain is. This is the basis of the semi-automatic system that we created 8 years ago.

I really don’t see what the issue is when all you want is accomplished with the hold chain already. I played ygopro for 6 years using that hold chain system.

I understand that it is currently not possible for Omega. But I thought it might have been possible to add this feature in. That is why I put it in suggestions.

I am aware that you can’t change keybinds in the other sims. I suggested to add that system to Omega with keybinding options since it would be the best of both worlds. But I guess this is just not possible to program for some reason from reading your response to the suggestion. I’m no programming expert so I wouldn’t know what is and isn’t possible in that department.

Yes, that is what I want. There are a few extra things that I also suggested that would be neat, but that is the most basic thing I am suggesting. You can call it hold chain if you want. It doesn’t work a I described with the setting “hold chain” in Omega.

What I suggested CANNOT be accomplished with hold chain in Omega. I have used both chain options and tested them. Neither of them accomplish what I mentioned in my previous posts. If you played with the hold chain system that is fine, but I don’t see how it is relevant. I played with a mix. Sometimes I would toggle the “chain” buttons on the side of the screen and sometimes I would use the hold chain system. I would switch what method I was using during the duel.

If the system I suggested was in the game (I know it is impossible now) it would just add a third option for chains.
The Current options are as follows:

  1. Hold Chain
  2. Toggle Chain
    My Suggestion:
  3. Hold Chain
  4. Toggle Chain
  5. Hold and Toggle Chain

Trust me, I understand your suggestion. It’s just hard to do without breaking other things with keybinds. We’ll see what we can do.

I am happy to report that we have implemented Hold and Toggle Chain in the next update! This is also something I like and this will be the default setting. Not only that, but you can also set RMB for Close, No, and Cancel. Before if you did this, it would Close and select No at the same time. Now, it will ignore the input for No or Cancel as long as there is something to Close.