Have some TCG and OCG cards with the same effect a singular card

sometimes cards from the TCG format and OCG format have the same exact effect, 2 examples being cybernetic overflow and cyberload fusion. The main difference with the TCG and OCG versions is the OCG version only bolds some words, other than that, they do the exact thing

This is due to the fact that they are different.

There is bolding difference, yes, but that’s due to human error.

The real difference is in how the cards are written.

You can use this website to highlight the differences for each card: Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG Product Errors

You can see in the case of Cybernetic Overflow, the OCG allows you to optionally add a card when it is destroyed on the field.

The TCG version is not Optional, its mandatory to activate it when it is destroyed. This means that the card functions differently depending on if you play in the OCG or in the TCG.

Cyberload Fusion, to my understand, does not have a functional difference. However, we have created a secondary card because the card has text differences. This card does seem superfluous, with only grammar changes, but would require a much deeper level of knowledge to know if there is any functional difference.

ohhh, so thats why theres separate cards with the same effect