Game crashes on startup on ArchLinux

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    Hi, I’m using the Linux version of this game. The game used to work but crashed when changing video settings and now will no longer start properly. Re-downloading the game doesn’t fix the problem so I assume the game also has other file locations, but I couldn’t find any in .config or in .local/share/ or even as a .dir in ~?

I looked at the troubleshooting post here but that doesn’t seem to help me as amdgpu is being used here.

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    linux-x64 > ./YGO\ Omega.x86_64 --reset # even without the reset

  2. Screenshot OR error code
    zsh: segmentation fault (core dumped) ./YGO\ Omega.x86_64
    But this screen shows for a couple of seconds, no animation and then closes:

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    The game should launch without problems and run normally.

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    Arch Linux (up-to-date)

Nevermind. I found the config file since I remembered the game was based on Unity.
Just for future reference, you can delete or rename the directory in:

~/.config/unity3d//Duelists\ Unite/YGO\ Omega/

There didn’t seem to be any documentation in regards to it, but getting rid of the directory helped me get the game running again.

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