Future Force

Future Force https://duelistsunite.b-cdn.net/original/2X/6/67a20bffffe87e3668602e29614cdfb986d6cccf.png
art 4.0 1 psct 4.0 1 creativity 3.0 1 balance 4.0 1

Future Force
This archetype based on a character on YouTube Show “Revelation of the Orichalcos” named “Alyccius”, one of Valtor’s first clone experiment, he defied against his master after his victory on the turnament against “Richardo”. He uses “Future Force” archetype as his arsenal, which is a deck that supposedly presented to the Duel Master Champion, however the turnament was never concluded.
This archetype resorts in anti banishing tactics, thanks to their effects that prevents them from being banished. “Future Force” ulitize one or two pairs of monsters with the same ATK for ease access of “Future Force Singularity Strike”, which will cut their ATK in half, but allows them to attack directly. “Future Force” revolves around Special Summoning monsters to slowly gaining advantage over the opponent and performing Syncho Summon of monsters suited for the current situation, but whenever their presence were no longer needed on that circumstance, they can perform an emergency exit by putting themselves back into the Extra Deck in order to Special Summon up two “Future Force” monsters for future use.
At the final moment, “Future Force Archlight Dragon” can serves as the last resort whenever you hit a brick wall.
Here’s 10 samples of the pack’s artwork (current cards in this pack is 28):

If you’re interested, you can download the pack in this thread