Full Match Replays

Could the duel replay system be extended to include all duels in a match, allowing you to easily and quickly examine differences made by siding per-matchup?

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Yeah, I would also really like the feature, to just have as default save not just the last duel replay but the last match replay, meaning all 2-3 duel replays of the last match all in one folder or so in the replay menu.

This would be really cool. Because what often enough happens, is that I lose my first duel in a match and then focus so much on siding in the right cards that I totally forget to save that one replay. Even though this was probalby the most important duel of the match that I could have really learned the most from. This happened to me so often already.

It would be really cool for analysis purposes, to just have all replays of the last full match as default. It should also not be to difficult to code, I guess, since the last duel replay is saved always anyways. It is just overridden after the next duel, I think. At least simply chance it such that the last replays are just named something like “LastReplay1”, “LastReplay2” and “LastReplay3” or so. Even if we don’t get to bundle them together in like one full match folder, at least this would really be awesome.