Folders for Deck Manager

I think a great suggestion for organization could be Folders for the Deck Manager. It would be nice for people who play multiple Formats. We could have folders to sort our decks for TCG, OCG, Goat, Edison, etc. I know me personally I run tournaments with me and some friends. It would be nice for record keeping some decklists from my previous tournaments.



This has been discussed multiple times. The folder structure is a necessity for operating systems as it needs to have access protection on files. The tag is already in place and much more efficient. Discord

The main issue is that with a folder structure is that you can only have 1 end destination for each deck (without having to maintain multiple copies of the exact same deck).

So if we wanted to have a deck that was a Competitive TCG that focused on trap cards and spamming monsters, I’d have to make a folder structure of: TCG-> Competitive → Backrow-> Aggro. Then store the deck in that folder. I’d have to go into 3, maybe even more folders depending on how I wanted to categorize them, and then wouldn’t be able to see any decks in any subfolders. If I opened the TCG/Competitive folder, I’d still have to go into the sub folders to see all my options.

However, I could also just use the tag system, separating them with commas and search as fine grained as I wanted by doing the same search, “TCG Competitive Backrow Aggro” or a search of different decks with the tags that I’m looking for. I could do “TCG Competitive” and view every deck that has those tags, or I could do TCG Backrow and see all my decks competitive or not.

In short, this has been discussed, it isn’t necessary, nor is it efficient. Adapting to a new system opens up new possibilities and understanding how it works is the first step.