Flame Champion Focus

Flame Champion Focus https://duelistsunite.b-cdn.net/original/2X/5/57dbf470dbc14bae9ef95fbf460882a88a9f9e10.png
art 4.0 1 psct 4.0 1 creativity 3.0 1 balance 3.0 1

Flame Champion
This archetype is created based on one of the first card i’ve bought on the local supermart during my late elementary school time, up until now im still possess it as one of my prized possession since this one particular card has been around with me since my first exposure to yugioh.
Originally requested by “Rin_Yuri_Kurosawa” during my early time on the previous thread. This archetype are revolving on “Flame Champion”, yes you heard it right, the old card that’s been around for early 2000s, and now, given a new power, they are resurfaced from the obscurity and stepped into the game to kick some butt (i mean…cards).
This archetype utilizes “Flame Champion”, by banishing it or shuffle it into the Deck, or return it to hand in order to special summon monsters that capables of changing their names into “Flame Champion” while they’re on the field or when banished. Their main goal is to pin down opponent with continuous effect damage, but watch out since the damage is also be inflicted to yourself as consequences, however with the help of “Searing Rage” you can recover the lost of LP caused by your own card effect and “Searing Magic” to cut the effect damage by half, thus widdening the gap between your self and your opponent, in which ultimately wears down your opponent with effect damage in swift combo.
Here’s 10 samples of the pack’s artwork (current cards in this pack is 25):

If you’re interested, you can download the pack in this thread