Extra Rules Need Updating

There is a mulligan in extra rules, but it behaves as if I’m some hyper competitive nerd and makes me return a card for each time I mulligan and never gives a free mulligan, when its a casual feature and it very well should. Additionally the only way to play with the ability to draw on the starting turn you must play an older master rule, which conflicts with using extra monster zones, since if you do, one must play the link zones/extra deck like in master rule 4. Which nobody wants that. I purpose changing the mulligan to be more casual, an extra rule to allow drawing on the first turn, and making the extra rule “show extra monster zones” to behave the way it should, by using master rule 5 conditions rather than master rule 4. Cause lets be real, who want to play by master rule 4?


Thank you for making a recommendation.

Mulligan rules is a rule borrowed from the rules set forth in other games, such as Magic the Gathering. Per those rules, for each mulligan performed, your final hand must return a card down.

In the game of Yugioh, where there is such powerful consistency cards, mulligan is a feature that essentially allows you to sculpt your hand to be able to play through anything. If a 1 card combo can play through a disruption, and a 2 card combo can play through 2 disruptions, being able to mulligan 3 times in order to find that combination of cards makes it far too consistent.

Additionally, yugioh already has cards that perform these exact functions, Reload makes you go -1 in terms of cards and redraws your hand. This is exactly for balancing reasons. If you want to play with a specific hand, simply host a game without shuffle enabled and tell your opponent to put their hand in their deck the way they want it. Its not much different than your suggestion.

Regarding the comment about the Show Extra Monster Zone rule requiring all Extra Deck Monsters to be summoned to it, I do believe this to be an error. I will be bringing this up to the team so that they can either fix it to allow Extra deck summons to any zone, including the EMZ, or add a button which requires extra deck monsters to be summoned to the EMZ.