Excluding filter

Usually when searching for cards a lot of unplayable cards from different formats appear and there doesn’t seem to be a great way to filter them out currently. I think a way to exclude specific categories (like the illegal one or OCG for TCG testing), by say, right clicking an icon instead of left clicking, would help immensely.

Filters already exist. Feel free to swing by our discord, go to the Omega-Help channel and ask how to use them. They are in the deck manager, top right, next to the search bar.

  • DarkDove3 Edit: Said another way, an exclude filter is just an include filter. If you want all cards legal in the TCG, include the TCG and WCS formats for your search, this will exclude the OCG only cards. If you want to excluded the TCG Exclusives for an OCG format, include OCG and WCS format released cards.