Duel Links/Speed Duels

I love omega but my biggest concern is the speed duel side. When I go to duel the speed duel AI I sometimes get frustrated because the AI basically has no brain. I try playing decks or deck testing with cards I do not have in duel links and all I see from the omega AI is Furhire as the only playable AI deck and no matter what’s on my field they’re just click yes on absolutely everything no matter what and swing into everything. Even if I have a face up invoked cocytus on my side of the field all they do is swing into it. even if I have Red Nova Dragon. Please fix

Well your suggestion comes down to - “I want better AI”.

It takes time to script each AI deck. It’s on the agenda but it will take months before we re-script all the AI decks for not only tcg/ocg but also rush duels, speed duels, and duel links. There are so many different AI decks needed. No AI is going to be perfect, none. If you want a real challenge, you should be facing humans. AI is only for testing.