Deck Folders

A way to save your decks in folders so you can sort them and its easier to find your deck

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this would be neat for organizing decks

You already have something much better than folders and subfolders. We already thought of this long ago. Think about a deck that belongs in two different categories - which folder will you put that deck in?

In most cases, we have tcg and ocg decks. That’s two folders. Now we have subfolders for those as well to categorize it further. The point being is that each deck can have multiple categories. That’s why a tag system was invented. You can categorize, search, and filter all your decks using tags.

I used to have about 500 decks before I quit yugioh. Try finding a deck among even 20 decks from a single dropdown box in ygopro or DB. It’s not fun. Even with endless folders and subfolders, you could be searching forever. The best way is to put tags for your decks and then search by tags.

All of this has been done before. I’ve even used sims with folders and subfolders. It doesn’t work. Tag system is way better.

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