Deck Editor QoL - Add Copy & Lock View

Nice job on the game so far, it is looking great and I’m excited to play.
On the deck editor, I am having 2 minor issues which make things kind of inconvenient.

  • Problem 1: If I have copy(s) of card in my deck, but lower than the limit, and I want to add another copy of the same card, I have to find it in the card search on the right side.

  • Proposed Solution for problem 1: It should be possible to add a copy of the card I have already in the deck from the deck view, rather than using the search window. It could also be possible to remove a card from the deck by interacting with it within the search view. So kind of like just having the option to add or subtract copies from either side (either the deck or the source of cards).

  • Problem 2: When I am reading the description of a card and there is enough text that scrolling is necessary, I have to move my mouse across the screen in order to scroll down. But when I move my mouse, it hovers over other cards and the description I was looking at goes away.

  • Proposed solution A for problem 2: Lock the card preview after left-clicking on a card, and go back to select on hover by clicking anywhere outside a card.

  • Proposed solution B for problem 2: Add a hotkey option for scrolling the card description only (maybe pageup/pagedown?) without scrolling elsewhere.

Thanks so much for your attention to the community, and to this issue.

  1. Nope, you simply hold left click and it will add another copy of that card without you having to re-search it.

  2. This is also solved. Hold CTRL while moving the mouse and the display pic will not update.

Ooh, didn’t know that. Thanks for the info and for the great game!