Custom rules like in EdoPro

EdoPro has all these custom settings that you can have in a duel, YGO Omega has only a fraction of these, would be nice to expand the customization capability in Omega.

Those custom rules were added before edopro even existed in 2016. Just you didn’t know about them until after edopro got released in 2020. The idea is that each of these rules were lua scripts that were preloaded into the duel.

It’s taken 8 years for people to even discover that these custom rules existed all this time. In Omega, we have the duel rule option which allows you to select official duel rule formats. This is because the average user doesn’t know what rules are in what format, let alone the sheer number of different duel rules.

Even in edopro, people are still discovering this as we speak. Omega is currently 1 year old and we plan to keep expanding things but the priority is not to duplicate what already exists, but to add features that have never existed like tournaments.

Everyone wants what ygopro already has in omega and that will come with time. Features like offline AI will automatically bring puzzle mode and offline test hands. Features like all these custom rules will come in the future but it’s not a priority atm. If we added this now, it would just overcrowd the UI even more, cause more menus and options to be created. Users have yet to even learn the current options that exist in Omega.

You talk about fractions, but master duel will have even less than 1% of the customizability that ygopro or omega will ever have and that is because no matter what the customizability a game has, the mean feature of a game must be the primary game mode with official rules and official banlists.

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Also know that many of those custom rules are already addressed by Master Rules.

Hey @AntiMetaman
My wished feature wasn’t meant to denigrate YGO Omega, or claim that another simulator is the superior platform, it’s just an idea that you’re free to take or dismiss. No need to justify or convince the user on why their wished feature is a bad idea. just ignore it and that’s it.
I guess at the end it’s all a matter of personal taste (e.g. you prefer tags to organize decks, other users prefer folders. trying to convince them why their “personal preference” isn’t good is a lost cause).

“The main feature of a game must be the primary game mode with official rules and official banlists.”
I can’t agree with this, playing the official game with official rules and a current banlist will get boring at some point, you need to check how fun a cross banlist cup is:

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I’m not dismissing your idea. I want more and more options and custom rules too, but all it does is overload the UI.

A custom rule that says “Effects activate face-down in Extra Deck”, “Trigger Effects only activate in the correct location”, “Negated summons count for activation restrictions”, etc.

All these rules are already part of Master Rule 5. Hence, when a user selects Master Rule 5, they are already selecting these rules. By splitting each master rule into several different rules, just makes things more complicated. It might sound like a good idea to have MORE options but sometimes simplification is better.

We will add these custom rules:

“Unlimited Normal summons”, “Unlimited hand size”, “Can’t Lose due to LP 0”, “No Synchro Summons”, “No Extra Monster Zones”, “No Pendulum Summons”, “No Xyz Summons”, “No Link Summon”, “No Fusion Summons”, and “No Ritual Summons”.

Also, just so you know what Lithium is doing for cross-banlist is NOT actually cross-banlist. In order to do a proper cross-banlist, Player 1 is using a different banlist, card pool, and master rule from Player 2. However, even when you host a duel in edopro, you cannot make each player use separate rulings. Rather, the duel applies those rules to BOTH players.

Hence, the only way to do cross banlist (make a player from 2005 fight a player from 2012 with their max potential and rules that existed at that time), you have to use manual mode. That is, when it is the turn of the 2005 player, you use Master Rule 0 while when it is the turn of the 2012 player, you use Master Rule 2.

What Lithium does is host a duel that creates a field for Master Rule 3 but with Extra Monster Zones. This allows him to use pendulum zones on the side with EMZ.

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