Coding cards and using custom ban lists online

The main issue I have is that I like custom cards. While the ability to make them easily is great, it would be more convenient to those with coding experience or those who are willing to learn, if they could code their cards. EDOPro already has this feature. In my opinion, it’s the only 1-UP that EDOPro has over Omega. Adding this feature would make customs usable in automatic dueling styles, along with the ability to select a custom ban list online, would allow players a huge level of customisability. Of course, I know that most people would stay away from the feature, but the option would be great. If this isn’t possible, I’m sorry for wasting your time. But I think this would be a huge step forward for Omega in terms of customisability.

All ygopro simulators since 2012 have had custom cards. This is not exclusive to edopro.

YGO Omega is the first simulator that allows you to login with discord. Logging with discord gives user accounts. That means an online connection is needed. It also means that the core is on the server not in the client. That means any player can make a malicious script and send it to the server to cause it to crash.

The entire point of custom cards is to be able to do anything, even do things that break game mechanics. Think of Seal of Orichalcos that allows you to control a backrow of monsters. This card is currently unscriptable and has been for the last 8 years. No ygopro has been able to do it. There are many cards like this.

Manual mode breaks all limitations. It allows you to not just play yugioh but any card game with any mechanic. No longer do players have to even script their own cards. They simply use a database editor to add the cards they want. They add the art of that card. They can even add custom banlists.

That’s it. It’s very easy to use. Even people who have been managing custom card servers on ygopro for several years have stated they prefer a manual mode for customs.

If you still want to use custom cards in automatic mode, keep using ygopro.