Card Search Interface

The 3x4 cards search interface is hard to navigate, cus we need to move our pointer to each card (right-left then up-down). Not only that, the picture only without readable detail makes it harder to search. The edopro card search tab is perfect imo, it has detail and only 1 card column. It means we can focus our view on the card text on the left while scrolling on the card search tab.

What you’re talking about has existed for the last 8 years in every ygopro sim before edopro was even a thing. I’ve used all ygopro sims for over 6 years. If you are reading a card in your deck, you have to move your mouse cursor to that card. This causes a problem when you are in the middle of reading a card and accidentally hover over a new card. You have to move the mouse to the left to scroll the card. There was no solution to this for any ygopro.

In ygo omega, you can move your mouse cursor while holding CTRL and the display pic locked. This also solves your problem of the 3 column system in the trunk. I understand your concern with moving the mouse from the middle column to the left but all that is solved with holding CTRL.

Furthermore, you already have a card text box where you can read the card text inside a black box separately from the card image. It’s all there if you prefer to. Just open the chat box.

The reason for having 3 columns and not showing the card text is for several reasons.

  1. This game supports 12 languages. This means the card name will change based on the language and some names are very long which means that the names get cut off if we display a 1 column list with just names. This is also a issue with having to show the attribute, type, atk/def when all of this is already written on the card. Rather than do this, it’s better to just show the thumbnail of the card.

We couldn’t do this before in ygopro because the card quality was very bad. That’s why we were forced to write the name of the card next to a low quality image of the card.

  1. Three columns means MORE cards can be shown in one page as opposed to 1 column.