Cancel playing a card

Hi this is my first post. Not sure if someone has already requested of this, if it has, apologies in advance. But in the case of my suggestion, I would like to see a cancel feature implemented for summoning/playing spells or traps. My friends and I have been playing for the past couple of weeks and occasionally we chose to summon or activate a spell from our hand (hasn’t been revealed yet. Game just prompts you on where to place the card on the field). I feel like this is a pretty basic mechanic and would be a really good quality of life option. I’m still new to the client, so maybe there is a way already, but both my friends and I still haven’t figured it out yet. If there is a way, could someone tell me how exactly? And if there is no option as of now, my friends and I would love to see it! Other than that, I love this YGO sim client so far.

providing a screenshot of what I’m talking about. Where you choose to activate/summon a card, and the next and only available option here is to choose where on the field it will be activated/summoned to. A cancel feature here would be nice. If the card hasn’t been revealed to the opponent yet, I don’t see the harm in this. Thank you for the consideration!

As soon as you declarer normal summon, the game state locks till its over so no cancellation is allowed till you complete the normal summon and game state unlocks. same happens with spell / traps so cancelling in a locked state, isn’t allowed and considered illegal move.