Can you stop turning the servers on and off abruptly! we want to play for heavens sake!

we have a lot of free time. and some of us have nothing to occupy themself with, except video games. and yugioh omega is a very enjoyable, aesthetically-looking game. you did a good job!
But, for some reason, your servers are off so damn much. more than any other online game i know that its sometimes be like “off” every other day that its making me kinda hate the game. and dont get me started on abruptly turning off the servers!
yeah I lost so many matches cause of this crap!
so please could you do something about it.
and of course, keep up the good work!

You’re in a beta game. Welcome to betas. What you are describing isn’t even the worst beta experience you could be having. Be glad the game actually functions at all.

I’m a regular beta tester for many games. The days the game works are rarer than the days the game breaks in many betas.