Better filtering on the decks page

I thought it would be convenient to be able to organize your decks in other ways than just “Starred” go-to deck, then alphabetical.

One of the main ways I would like is manual ordering. Perhaps duelists would want to organize them by favorites, usage, or viability. Maybe a tag for each of your decks saying “competitive” or “casual” would be helpful, too. Color-indicated so we can quickly identify our viable selection depending on if we’re playing with friends or on ranked mode. Tags for decks using only TCG cards and unreleased-in-the-west OCG cards would be great.

Another really convenient filter would be by price! I do not care to suffer through clicking into all of my saved decks to find out the price, and then somehow ranking them cheapest to most expensive without the costs of all of them on the screen at once. You know how the deck name is on the bottom and the deck master’s picture is in the middle? You could put the price on top. Or at the very least be able to hover over your decks for a quick price popup, next to the space where the deck list is. That takes up such a giant chunk of that area anyway. It should be reduced down into a small expandable tab. I don’t know how the current pricing works, but you should be able to sort the pricing, itself, as well. I’d personally want only Near Mint, and be able to select the set and rarity all boiled down into the cheapest buys on TCGPlayer (or trollandtoad, cardmarket, whatever else different regions use.) Obviously, this part of the implementation would take more time, but it would be extremely helpful in picking out decks to get next IRL.

There are probably other ways to filter our deck page, too. I’m down for anything that makes that particular area of Omega more handy.

There’s already a tag system. You can already tag your decks as competitive, casual, etc. whatever you want. You can search and filter by those tags. Using files and folders, and subfolders is old-fashioned. We use tags now.

I don’t see these things spread to the decks page, though?

When you click on a deck, you will see options on the right side. One of them is tags. It uses the same universal icon for tag. Hard to miss.

I see it now. Yeah it’s pretty useful, but if you could have filter settings on the deck page rather than using a search box?.. Hmm.

Filtering is always more expensive. Just remember that. The deck editor in omega or any yugioh game is actually the most expensive part of the entire game. We have even very unique search queries you can do like searching for all cards that can’t destroy or target using regex.

You can search by tags and that is faster. Imagine if you were searching for a file on your computer. You would simply search the name of that file in the folder instead of looking through thousands of subfolders. That search would be expensive though so if you know some hints like what subfolder it could be in, that narrows down the amount of operations.