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This archetype was actually a generalized weapons that mass produced as a standard-issue Deck for Valtor’s minions during his conquest.
This archetype resolves on Xyz Summoning “Batthos” Xyz Monsters to perform a ONE HIT KILL, in order to ensure the success of their combo, they can be summoned by using 3 monsters to allows them to repeatly use their effects 3 times in a row.
This archetype possess 3 Main Monster, which is “Dreamweaver”, “Dreamstrider”, and Dreamwright" with unique abilities, “Dreamweaver” plays the role of combo starter if you took the first turn, they can special summon up to 2 copies of itself by discarding one card, “Dreamstrider” disrups the opponent by negating their card effects and special summon itself from the hand or GY, whenever it was special summoned by its own effect, it can special summon up to 2 more copies of itself, meanwhile “Dreamwright” plays an important role on the defensive line, it has the ability to block an opponent’s monster’s attack, special summoning itself and two of its copies while punishing the attacking monster.
“Batthos” Xyz Monsters possess the power to gains additional ATK for every unoccupied zones on the field, in which will demand you to control as less cards on the field as possible, but rest assured, they can use their traps to interrupt the opponent from counter-act you, by controlling “Batthos Murder Sigil”, their traps can be activated directly from the hand. “Batthos Murder Seal” also play an important role as supply replenisher, by allowing the user to draw cards for every card discarded due to the effect’s activation cost of “Dreamweaver”, “Dreamstrider”, “Dreamwright”, or most of its Spells.
Here’s 10 samples of the pack’s artwork (current cards in this pack is 19):

If you’re interested, you can download the pack in this thread