Archetype filter search

I checked the website Wheel of Yu-Gi-Oh – TSX1 - Premium TCG Accessories, which allows you to duel with various archetypes. However, I couldn’t find an archetype filter search feature in YGO OMEGA. Is this something that could be considered?

We have a reference search filter (which you can also write directly on the search bar, but its harder this way), simply pick a card from the archetype you wish and drag & drop it inside the search bar.

You can also search the name of the archetype, being that the search also checks card text.

This means that if you search “Fallen of Albaz” you will get not only the card named Fallen of Albaz, you will also get all the other cards that support Fallen of Albaz that make up the archetype.

In a way this is more effective as you can find cards that make up the total support of the card rather than just cards named that archetype.