Anti-AFK suggestion

If the opponent happens to timeout, most likely it’s due to being AFK, considering that 5 minutes is already a generous amount of time for a single turn. The player can already replenish some of the time lost if an action took place, so the amount of time given is already more than enough to think+play. I recently bumped into many players intending to steal games by wasting the other players’ time. Game 1 is already 5 minutes long, followed by a 3 minute side-deck phase (if I recall correctly), and a game 2 lasting another 5 minutes. I would assume most don’t have the patience to wait out 13 minutes to play another game, so the option to just Alt-F4 the game seems more appealing; this actually rewards the AFK player, and I believe this can actually become a very annoying yet effective climbing strategy for ranked. This is more of a rank-related issue, since nobody would get stung for exiting an unranked AFK game.

I recommend a time limit decrease from 5 minutes to 3-2 minutes for player that timed out. This might sound like a punishment for Prank-kids players that have 30 minute long turns, but I think to balance it out for those players, I recommend doubling the amount of time replenished if an action is done (ex, the opponent would take like 20 seconds to think over a move, and then once a move is done, they would receive another 20 seconds if the usual amount of time replenished is 10 seconds)

I don’t really know the exact number of time that gets replenished per action, but I think you get the point.

This is an idea I thought of in the heat of the moment after a frustrating 13 minute AFK waiting game. Anything to discourage AFK or “roping” is a big step forward for YGO Omega

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